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LOST SOLDIER Oil on canvas and wax on board 140cm x 85cm


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Oil, Acrylic, Wax, Shellac, Fire & Sweat
Painted on canvas & framed in masonite board.
I finished this a while back & think it is fitting to share now with Guy just coming out of his operation

So when I was told of Guy I heard of this man holding “ART DAYS”, supporting community and inviting artists of all types to his home to have a creative day to share together. The idea of this was so exciting & genius to me. I was totally intrigued & inspired that someone was actually doing this. I had dreamt of sharing such days but did not know enough artists in the community at this point in time.

When I met Guy I was taken a back by his condition & story. Somehow I connected with his beauty & pain and was also in ore of his natural ability to nobly lead and aspire others to create and to hold space to create, especially at such a young age.

This man had truly affected me, I would think of Guy in my own time and just cry as he had touched my soul. The lessons were bold; gratitude, humility, grace, acceptance all at once.

When at Confest 2 years ago I watched Guy standing in the sunlight under the trees with his soldier jacket on staring up into the trees, he just looked so so tired and I could see & feel his energetic struggle. Connecting to his pain (again) but also incredibly proud of this man that I hardly knew. I had to paint him for no man has touched my soul as Guys being.

Whilst painting this piece of art I had the realization that I had not actually ever been able to paint or draw a man because of my own issues around the men in my life not accepting and supporting me being creative, always critizing and dictating what I should be doing instead. (This contributed to my long path of self destruction). My father, my step father, my children’s father, my ex-boyfriends all played an unknowing part.

I have healed a great deal through painting this piece and also forgiven the men in my life for not understanding me as I forgave myself for being misunderstood.

👩👧👨‍👨‍👧‍👧RISE UP, WAKE UP, COMMUNITY👩‍👩‍👨‍❤️‍👨