Frequently asked acrylic print questions

Are the acrylic pictures safe to travel with or transport? Can they crack like

The acrylic pictures are supplied with a temporary protective plastic layer over the
face to protect them from scratches in transit. If you’ll be traveling with them either
leave this plastic in place or protect the face instead using several layers of food
wrap (such as ‘Gladwrap’). Then, if possible use bubble wrap for further protection.
Note that acrylic is more flexible than glass and won’t crack so it’s much safer to
transport than glass.

Do I have to use your sizes as quoted on this website? Are custom sizes

Yes you can make custom picture sizes. First, shortlist the pictures you’re interested
in then please contact +61404049589 (Australia) by phone or email to arrange
custom sizing.

How quickly will my order be completed?

Turnaround for acrylic face mounts have a two week turnaround. Delivery is
additional to this time.

How are orders posted? With Australia Post?

For postage to Sydney, Wollongong & Newcastle destinations we use local courier
companies. For orders outside these areas a range of couriers will be sought (eg
Couriers Please, TNT, etc) dependent on parcel dimensions and delivery
destination. For international orders DHL Express shall be used.

What is the largest maximum size for acrylic prints?

The maximum size for the acrylic prints 3000x1200mm. For canvas prints it is
4000x1300mm. The largest size is not possible online. Please contact
+61404049589 (Australia) with your specific requirements if you’re interested in the
largest sizes possible.

Do you have any guidelines on cleaning methods for acrylic face mounts?

Regarding acrylic prints, we recommend a gentle clean with some dish washing
detergent and warm water. Use a clean microfiber cloth. To quickly get rid of more
persistent greasy marks you can also use methylated spirits which is available from
all hardware stores. Lastly, avoid using glass cleaners (such as Windex) as they may
contain ammonia which can be damaging to acrylic.

Can I collect an order from your office/gallery?

Yes pick up is available from my studio in Collaroy Plateau upon request.